Photography is my way of keeping that special moment alive

Many of my photographs are taken at concerts. Catching the intensity and the live show in a picture is what I try to do. Sometimes it works out.

Norwegian nature is another passion, and getting our magnificent outdoors to look as good in a photo as it does in real life is a challenge I love to try out.

The photos on this website have all been taken by me, at various venues across the world, and wherever I find something worth capturing.

Some are almost unedited, some are really heavily edited. I love playing with the contents of the photo, to try different methods of editing and find new ways to make elements pop. Not everything will be to everyone’s taste, but this is me having fun, not in any way trying to do things «the proper and right way».

From time to time I’ll sell prints, but this is my hobby – and not my job, so these pictures are mainly up on this website to share the moments.

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